Artistic direction

dancer, choreographer, actor
teacher at the ¨basis project¨ and the

Movement & theatre educator (BuT), Psychologist MA
Since completing his training in dance, improvisation and performance at bewegungs-art at the beginning of the millennium, he has worked as a freelance dance artist. He is Co-founder of the improvisation group Arte-Schoki and of k²-koreografenkollektiv freiburg. Since 2003 he produced and directed short and full-length dance- and theatre-pieces and took part in children’s and youth theater pieces at SpielRaum Freiburg. He directed musical & theatre productions with teenagers.

He is active as lecturer in motion, body and dance at the PH and EH Freiburg and as co-leader of the theatre-pedagogical education of TPZ BW in Freiburg.

His focus is on the creative approach to and dealing with the potential for movement of one’s own physicality, the unrestricted exploitation of the potential of one’s own personality in stage art and, above all, in the great art of composition of the moment in improvisation.

performer, choreographer & instant composer
teacher at the ¨basis project¨ and the ¨2-year-programme¨

After completing her education as a dancer at bewegungs-art, she co-founded the dance collective Quizzical Körper, whose main focus is improvisation and which has performed at festivals in Germany and abroad.

The latest productions she worked on were ¨In uns bewegt¨ and ¨Erbkoordinationen¨. Irene Carreño´s choreographic work is characterized by surrealistic moving images and is produced in the form of short and full-length dance pieces as well as site-specific work. In recent years she has specialized in the accompaniment and choreographic support of young creators. She co-curates the format ¨tanzwuchs¨ in Freiburg and the impro-platform ¨onCe Festival¨.

Her teaching focuses on the anatomy of the human body, the refinement of the senses and how one perceives sensory impressions when stimulated. Her sessions are characterized by floor work, Body Mind Centering and dance improvisation.

dancer & choreographer teacher at the ¨2-year-programme¨ and the short term project ¨dance technique and choreography¨

Since 2014 she has been creating full-length dance performances under the label DAGADA (
In her work, she moves with particular interest at the intersection of shame and beauty, researching states of the human being that cannot be clearly grasped and about which we do not (want to) speak.
As a teacher she always combines technical elements from contemporary dance with an artistic view and integrates the perception of the body as a whole as an important performative element.
Karolin shares her very own choreographic approach to fixing material (from improvisations) by understanding what emerges as rhythm and deepening what is fixed by means of movement qualities. In specific exercises she shows the possibilities of playing with choreographic elements in space, time and different constellations within the group.


dancer, instant composer
teacher at the ¨2-year-programme¨ & the short term project ¨instant composition¨ & ¨dance technique and choreography¨

Significant contributor to new dance developments as well as establishment of improvisation as a stage form.
Co-founder of bewegungs-art Freiburg (1979), from 2006 – July 2021 co-director of TIP – Full-time education in dance, improvisation and performance.
Since 1981 she danced and created solo and ensemble pieces, 1987 – 91 member of Anzu Furukawa`s Company Dance Butter Tokyo; she has been performing with dancers and musicians in international ensembles since the mid-nineties; she constantly works in duets with Harald Kimmig and in quintet with trio Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin & Michael Schumacher / Michael Shapira.
She currently works on what if – part of a solo research «silence & noise» supported by DIS-TANZ-SOLO – premiere sounDance-festival Berlin June 21
In her teaching she draws from decades of research in dance, improvisation and performance. Her interest is exclusively in artistic processes. The focus of her work is equally on the body, breath, intensity and devotion as well as the breaking of movement and thought patterns. Dance technique, dance expression, creativity and design unite.

dancer and choreographer
Contact improvisation teacher at the ¨2-year-programme¨ and at the ¨basis project¨

After receiving her BA in Anthropology (Smith College, USA), she returned to dance in 2013.
She studied and worked in New York, Spain and Germany, and graduated from TIP -School for Dance, Improvisation and Performance (2017 Freiburg). She is co-founder of Quizzical Körper – a dance theater collective focused on improvisation, performing in Germany and abroad.
Her choreographic work is informed by her interest in the expressive potential of the body in relation to space and sound, as well as how to create a sensory resonance with the audience.
In her classes, she imparts a deep, anatomical understanding combined with precise movement patterns. She blends the boundaries between technique and improvisation/exploration to open a space where dancers experience different movement principles to learn to move with grace, ease, and expressiveness.

choreographer and dancer
teacher at the ¨2-year-programme¨ and the ¨basis project¨

Before pursuing dance as a profession, Zina studied music and movement pedagogics at the Musikhochschule in Trossingen and at the Kungliga Högskolan in Stockholm. She went on to complete the TIP programme in 2013, after which she began an intensive collaboration with Louisa Jacobs and the company OFFSPACE / Kassel. Most recently she has been performing in works of Bruce Nauman, Alexandra Pirici and Maximilian Bauer.
Her current I is interested in echoes of small movements and how one movement speaks to an other movement. She wonders about the beginning and the end of a movement and is interested in the connections between the body and the mind. Her choreografic works treat questions about the relationship between power, language and identity and stage thinking as a viszeral matter. Her latest choreografic works are «April`19» and «form.alie»- displaced in the classical black box of Südufer Freiburg.


teacher at the ¨2-year-programme¨ and the short term project dance ¨technique and choreography¨

After three years of training at the Freiburg Academy of Dance, Jonas Onny studied contemporary and modern dance for another four years at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, where he deepened his knowledge of various dance techniques and further developed his own style. He has been working for years in the independent scene as well as at various theatres and has been seen in pieces by numerous renowned choreographers.

Jonas works with modern and contemporary dance techniques with influences from West African dance: rhythm and dynamics, from the floor to standing and back to the floor are cornerstones and content of the lessons.

teacher at the short term project ¨dance technique and choreography¨

Smadar Goshen is an Israeli free lance dancer and choreographer based in Stuttgart. She is a certified Gaga teacher as well as a Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Pre-Trainer.
She brings a long term experience of body and movement research and weaves her knowledge in her practice and creation.
Using the Gaga language, Smadar teaches how to access a wide range of movement qualities while practicing familiar technique dancing skills and clear form.
Through specifying movement qualities, she guides the participants to define their movement language. They will learn to observe the qualities the body offers and to create set movement material inspired by those qualities.

teacher at the short term project / ¨performance project¨

After his dance education in France, Jonathan is, since 2011, teaching and performing across Europe. Within the frame-work PLAY led by Franco-American choreographer Michèle Murray, and since 2017 with Sita Ostheimer as a performer and rehearsal director.
The main focus of his week as a guest at the school is to give the performers the opportunity the express their own-selves in a very complex and precise frame, where movement, musicality and group awareness merge together.

dancer, pedagogue, teacher of Feldenkrais-technique, artistic co-administration of TIP until September 2020 current teacher at the ¨basisproject¨

Since 1979 studies and practice of Contac timprovisation, movement-theatre and New Dance, amongst others with Laurie Booth, Nancy Stark Smith, Julyen Hamilton, Ruth Zaporah, G.H. Soto, as well as at the Naropa Institute Boulder (USA). Studies in Aikido, Capoeira, Tai Chi and other martial arts. Cofounder of bewegungs-art freiburg, since 1995 ceritificated teacher of Feldenkrais-Technique.

His work centers dance and contact improvisation and – influenced by Feldenkrais-method – a movement training, which utilizes and enhances the intelligence of the body. It incorporates principles of the martian arts and regards dance as movement in its most variable manifestations. Mainly in the 80ies he has contributed essentially to the development to contact improvisation in Germany.

Bernd Ka danced in various formations with Lilo Stahl and Wolfgang Graf, with Jazz musicians, as well as at Dance Butter Tokyo led by Anzu Furukawa (Japan) and at Alternating Currents – a group of known improvisers from USA and Europe. In the 90ies he workes with several own ensembles.

dancer and actress
teacher at the ¨basis project¨

Andrea has a background in theatre, contemporary dance, Bharata-Natyam (Indian classical dance), instant composition and site-specific. In 2017 she completed her dance training at TIP – School for Dance, Improvisation and Performance and before that she completed her Bachelor in Acting at Pontificia Universidad Católica / Chile in 2005. She lives in Freiburg and is co-founder of the dance collective Quizzical Körper, which has been performing regularly in Europe since 2017. 

Andrea considers performance art as a manifestation of the constant dance of the universe and the work of the artist as a process to become a channel to express this poetry. Their work is characterised by addressing issues of social contingency: Human rights violations, gender violence, the existence of social classes, with a testimonial approach that incorporates the artists’ personal histories into the work. Parallel to her creative career, Andrea teaches dramaturgy, acting, body and voice expression, theatre direction, choreography, improvisation and dance technique.

Dance performer, choreographer and teacher at the ¨2-year-programme¨

For a decade she immersed into body, mind & movement through somatic approaches (BMC, experiential anatomy, qigong) which is informing her empirical body and perception of dance, as well as instant composition and improvisation as art form. Her classes are being taught in international and in festivals (Berlin, Thailand, India, Netherlands, Spain) 

In 2017 she graduate from TIP and has been actively as a freelance performer and currently she is doing her Feldenkrais education. As artist she is driven from burst of infinite beginnings that lives in urgent spontaneity. Fascinated by light speed between a human cell to stardust. With vehicle the body and guidance her inner vision she moves through the rhythmicity of life and creates imaginative parallel realities. Her classes offer a ground for students to be reminded of own body-s intelligence and moves from a subtle to dynamic body. It uses touch, imagery and guidance.It is a proposal to study attraction forces within anatomical body – space and with each other, with attentiveness and presence. The classes use touch, imagery and guided movement, moving in context of contact & improvisation.

choreographer, dancer and mentor,
teacher at the short term project dance technique and choreography

Based in Europe since 2004. For over 18 years she has been creating independent work; from solo to extended group pieces, which she presents all over Europe and worldwide. In 2011 Maya formed The Instrument with her partner, composer / musician Roy Carroll. Collaboratively they create work that is unflinchingly sensual, characterised by an almost molecular tactility encountering fantastic viscerality. In her work Maya expresses human conditions intimately and universally; seeking a deeper connection to the (mystery / reality of) self, other/s and to nature. Working independently as well as being commissioned to create pieces for state theaters, independent ensembles and dance academies, Maya leads master classes and workshops in Europe and abroad, extensively developing her teaching alongside her artistic work; drawn from and towards the limitless expression of the dancing body.


Performing Artist, Movement and Feldenkrais® Teacher at the ¨2-year-programme¨

After her training at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen under the direction of Pina Bausch (1984-1988), she joined the Mark Morris Dance Group in her hometown Brussels, and followed them back to New York in 1991. She assisted Mark at the Opéra de Paris and the San Fransisco Ballet.

Back in Europe, under the direction of Joachim Schlömer, she first joined the Tanztheater Weimar in 1994 and then the Tanztheater Basel till 2000.

Since 2000 she participated and taught movement in projects all over Europe, predominantly with non-professionals of all ages. 

In Freiburg since 2008, pedagogical and choreographic projects followed at the Theater Freiburg and other institutions in town.

Since 2016 she performs with the Compagnie LaPerformance, under the artistic direction of Julie Jaffrennou.

A certified Feldenkrais® teacher since almost 20 years, she teaches this somatic work intensively these days. 

What drives her is to stimulate consciousness processes in people through means of embodiment and self-awareness, thus facilitating social change.

Marion Sparber
dancer, choreographer ,
teacher at the ¨2-year-programme¨

Originally from South Tyrol, Italy, Marion received her professional dance training at Varium at Barcelona (Spain) and Iwanson International Munich (Germany) where she graduated with the scholarship „Student of the year“. For the past fifteen years Marion has been teaching and choreographing internationally in companies, dance-centers and festivals all over the world. 

Many of Marion´s choreographies are a playful connection of highly physical dance, dance-theatre and videowork by Projeto Solo. Her work has been performed at several international theatres and festivals in Europe, South- and North America as well as in Asia.

performer, teacher and choreographer,
teacher at the ¨2-year-programme¨ flying low
and passing through

He is a movement specialist in IndYog-Contemporary, Martial Arts, Improvisation, and Flying Low. Co-founder and artistic
director of Sanskar Global Platform for Performing Arts, India.
Narendra graduated from Terence Lewis Dance Foundation Scholarship Trust in India. He has
been a principal performer, teacher, and assistant choreographer at Terence Lewis Contemporary
Dance Company for 10 years in Mumbai. Narendra studied Okinawa martial arts and also
completed a Yoga teachers training course from “The Yoga Institute” India, the oldest organized
yoga center in the world.
Narendra is the first Indian contemporary dancer who has studied under David Zambrano as a part
of an EXIN 30 days intensive workshop on Flying Low and Passing Through technique in Berlin,
Madrid, and Corfu. He participated in David Zambrano’s «60 days intensive improvisation
workshop» at TicTac Art Centre, Brussels.
His experience training under the stalwarts of Martial arts, Contemporary dance in India and
Europe inspired him to create and develop his own dance vocabulary called IndYog-Contemporary.
Narendra is currently working as an independent artist in India and abroad.

dancer and teacher
at the ¨2-year-programme¨ Contemporary Ballet

Dagmar studied Dance at University for Music and Performing Arts Mannheim and Palucca University of Dance Dresden where she  graduated in 2010.
She has worked with Emily Molnar, Yuval Pick, Amanda K. Miller, Yeona Yu, Cindy Hammer, Rebecca Mary Narum and Laura Heinecke, among others.
Since 2021 Dagmar creates together with the musician and performer Christian Herrmann interdisciplinary performances and workshop formats that combine dance, loopstation, drums, beatbox and body percussion.
In her Contemporary Ballet classes Dagmar uses her big interest for music in order to create awareness for the body in space within different dynamics.
Her training leads towards finding availability, precision, the flow within a structure, strengthening the muscles while letting go of unnecessary tension.

dancer and choreographer
teacher at the ¨2-year-programme¨

The mexican artist received his education in dance at the academy SEAD Salzburg, Austria (2016), studying at the post-graduate program BODHI Project and at the EPDM in Mazatlán, Mexico (2012) receiving his Bachelor in Contemporary dance. Since 2017 Alan is based in Berlin and is researching in improvisation and theatre showing a strong connection with physical dance and movement.  

Alan is choreographing, performing and teaching internationally in venues, companies, schools and festivals all over the world.

Shared Levitation is a platform for performance and training in Contemporary Dance and Partnering. It is founded by Marion Sparber and Alan Fuentes Guerra. 

Shared Levitation Partnering is based on the principles of action – reaction wants to liberate us from aesthetics of dance and enhances playfulness and functionality instead: an easy way to get excited again and again and to lure the inner child out. 

Partnering is a danced relationship based on communication. Especially from the difficult situations we learn to act as a team, to adapt and to communicate our own needs better and understand the universe of the other. A true enrichment – not only as a form of dance, but also as a social event.