In order to meet the demands of this work, a high degree of selfcare and of discipline is required in the sense of commitment to oneself, the subject matter and the learning community. We demand this in order to make the research and learning processes deep and sustainable. First and foremost, we expect absolute priority to be given to the educational process. In the work setting, participants are bound to ensure continuity of attendance, physically prepare for class in a timely manner each day, start together at designated times, and refrain from distractions. They ensure that they are well cared for physically, emotionally and mentally.

  • Warming up in person 30 minutes before class
  • Starting on time and locking the door at the beginning of class
  • Participants always come to class, even if they can’t actively participate
  • There are no cell phones allowed in the studio
  • No drinking bottles within the studio, clearly defined drinking and peeing breaks.
  • No other projects can be done or participated in during the training period.
  • At the beginning of the training, care has to be taken to ensure that a network of medical and, if necessary, mental health care is available.