About the programme

Two years education / 6 trimesters

September 12 2022 until August 2 2024

Teachers: Oliver Lange, Irene Carreño, Karolin Stächele, Lilo Stahl, Rebecca Mary Narum, Zina Vaessen and optional guest teachers.

Fee: School fees for the professional programme will be 1.620,-€ per trimester, which is a total of 9.900,-€ for the whole programme. There is an initial payment followed by monthly installments of 360,-€ per month afterwards.

Online Selection for the last 2 spots

Deadline for applications: first come, first serve


The school renounces deliberately to convey many different styles of dance and focuses on contemporary dance techniques which integrates anatomical understanding of the body, breathing, sensation and flow of movement. For a body, that is trained on this basic principles it is easy to acquire further techniques.

A profound movement and dance training is base for improvisation and performance.

Improvisation – solistic and in group – as well as contact improvisation are important issues of the education.

Improvisation is used as means of «Exploration» as well as «Instant Composition», an independent form of stage performance. As regards exploration is used to discover creative ways of expression, to explore well known and new movement material and to find compositional elements.

In improvisation creative power and potential can develop up to their full capacity. With purposeful and differenciated research, manifold methods and instructions for autonomous work are communicated. In this wide range of learning physical, emotional and mental aspects are integrated and a high level of flexibility, permeability and awareness of the actors are achieved. Subjects as choreography and solistic work complete the new won perceptions and skills.

Performance is a further focus of education and includes along with matter and composition (elaboration, realization) the stage-behaviour (execution, charism, presence, personality).

The on stage situation is exercised from the beginning in class, in public showings, on small stages and in public places, on a big stage in professional scale.


  • Dance technique
  • Exploration and Improvisation
  • Choreography / Composition
  • Performance
  • Solo work
  • Contact improvisation


Monday to Thursday from 9.30 to 15:00 (with 45 min break)

Friday from 9:30 to 14:15

with more than 6 teaching units (45 minutes) a day, besides Friday. This adds up to 30 teaching units per week.

On public holidays there will be classes.
There will be holidays announced soon.
Participants agree not to be commited to other obligations during the educational period.

Basic preconditions for the education 

  • physical and mental health
  • physical precondition for dance and movement (mobility, body-experience, endurance)
  • Discipline (physical and organisation wises)
  • Knowledge in the range of contemporary dance (technique, improvisation, contact improvisation)
  • willingness
    • to learn and work on one’s own initiative
    • to engage in artistical processes with one’s own personal material
    • to participate continously in a group’s process of learning
  • We fundamental recommend to join a basis project before the foundation study.

The Application should contain:

  • Written application form https://tipbewegungs.art/application/
  • 3 (opt. only 2) videos (max. 2 min. each) that show your dance skills and personality: a) improvisation, b) choreography, c) if possible: contactimprovisation

  • Description of hitherto experience within the realm of dance and movement (Experience in dance / movement / theatre / bodywork is desired)
  • A short vita
  • a portrait photograph
  • Motivation letter
  • Copy of your school leaving certificate or high school graduation

Please send these via e-mail (attached) to info@bewegungs-art.de

or postal to
bewegungs – art freiburg
Ferdinand-Weiß-Str. 6a
D – 79106 Freiburg