The training takes place over two years throughout six trimesters.

The contents of the training form a coordinated network of dance, composition and performance skills based on many years of experience. They build on each other trimester by trimester. At the end of each trimester there are showings – performances of works that thematise the contents learned and present them in the stage situation.

1st trimester

In the first trimester the technical basics of contemporary dance are taught. In the first month and a half (half day) the focus is on floor technique and in the last month and a half of the trimester on techniques based on the verticality of the body.

Exploration and Improvisation:
In the exploration section, body approaches are taught in the first months of the training. These enable the understanding of the human body and its three-dimensionality, its sensitisation and its use for dance.

  • Energy and dynamics of the body in movement
  • spatial directions
  • Isolation and permeability of the body
  • Connection of the limbs with the torso
  • Dealing with music

In the area of improvisation, the first basics are dealt with, such as: Timing, perception of the individual and the group, variety of movement materials.

In addition, the first tools of instant composition are introduced, such as:

  • Instant copying
  • Speeding up and slowing down
  • Stimulating
  • Developing

In composition, the topic should be ¨focus¨ or ¨zoom¨: Participants learn to revisit and deepen an already developed theme or method by working on it in the context of a showing with coaching.

2nd trimester

The basics of contemporary dance are deepened. Endurance and strength are also developed.

Exploration and improvisation:

In this trimester, work on body awareness is intensified. In addition, one’s own abilities and the factors that require more effort and processes on an individual level are recognised.

In the area of improvisation, further basics are taught, including: Space, different constellations, furthermore timing.

Initial theatrical and performance tools and approaches to the use of voice and facial expressions are introduced.

Part of the trimester is devoted to learning quick reactions and other types of reactions; also awakening the imagination and recognising and distinguishing one’s own and others’ interpretative and movement colours.

Tools of instant composition such as:

  • Intensify
  • Enlarge / Reduce
  • Transform
  • Vary
  • Copy with delay
  • Performance (presence)

In Composition, tools for selecting, fixing and refining choreographic material and anchoring it in time, space and constellation are taught.
Specific themes are given at the end for the showing

The subject Contact Improvisation is introduced in this trimester as a technical equippement. The basics of this subject are taught once a week as an intensive unit.

3rd trimester

The complexity of the technical work increases. The main focus is on speed changes, movement dynamics and muscle tone.
The search for stability in the vertical and for speed and efficiency in the horizontal.
Spiral work also comes to the fore.

Exploration and improvisation:
This quarter focuses on immediate composition rather than exploration. The tools and approaches learned in the previous two semesters are integrated through intensive practice of immediate composition.
The sense of stage tension, presence and variety in the interpretive spectrum is further developed here.

  • Drops
  • Take the focus
  • Body volume

Solo work:

The implementation of various aspects of presentation are explored and practised in the solo work, especially in their presentation to the class. In this way, the use of objects, specific music, costumes and themes are clarified.


The trimester is completed with the subject «Performance». Here, different aspects of stage work are focused on. The foundations for getting to know one’s own stage personality are laid. Theatrical skills such as dealing with language, acting skills and supporting one’s own presence are introduced.
Specific compostorical tools: such as shift, transformation and containment are further deepened.

Generating movement material using differentiated tasks and different methods.
Remembering and fixing movement material

In addition, the introduction of the term ¨Site specific¨ and the performance of a show under this parameter.

The subject Contact Improvisation is covered every fortnight in an intensive day that culminates in a Contact Jam.

4th trimester
(focus on composition)

Expansion of motor coordination skills and movement memory. Longer sequences are danced.
Musicality, working with musical counts and synchronicity are fundamental in this trimester.
Integration of all spatial levels at a higher speed and frequency. More jumps and turns.

Tools for editing and duplicating existing movement material (e.g. qualities, rhythm, volume…).
Design possibilities for the organisation of movement in time and space
Interaction in different constellations (solo/duo/trio/ensemble…)
Composition with object
Story telling to abstraction

In addition, work is done with a choreographer who develops a piece with the trainees and makes the compositional elements used transparent to them during the process. (Showing: 2 weeks preparation)


Work on stage persona continues. Topics such as personal taboos, the distinction between privacy and authenticity are explored.

Language as a compositional device and its various levels of interaction with the dance action will be explored.
An understanding of performative actions as part of the stage action is introduced.

The subject of Contact Improvisation is again taken once a week here.
Contents: Trio and Contact Impro as part of an instant composition.

5th trimester
(focus on improvisation)

Technical work will be required as additional tasks for participants (these must be scheduled outside of normal class time). During the first month, each trainee has to create his/her own technical class and then pass it on to his/her classmates on a rotating basis.

Exploration and improvisation:
In group: working on subtleties in movement and expanding the range of qualities and tools of improvisation (dance and theatre) are the focus of this trimester.

– Accumulation
– Events
– Contrast

The movement vocabulary will be expanded.
The focus will be on the dramaturgical line of the compositions. Special weeks are also part of the programme: dance + live music, impro + costume, impro + theme, impro + language.

Further improvisation tools will be taught:

  • Relatedness / independence (humanity)
  • The frame
  • Recycling
  • Resumption of material
  • Disappearance and spontaneous emergence
  • Secrets

Showing week with focus on improvisation

6th trimester

In the last trimester, the main topics of the education in the different areas are condensed, this process allows the reinforcement of the knowledge acquired during the programme.

The technical level of the students is also evaluated internally and they are given tools that allow them to improve their individual strengths and work specifically on their difficulties.

The final pieces are created during this trimester. The students choose their own themes, constellations and artistic approaches. During this process they receive personalised coaching, space to create and rehearse intensively.
The performances take place in the large hall of the E-Werk Freiburg.